Terms Of Service

  • My commissions are NOT first come first serve. If you submit a commission request, I will do my best to let you know whether or not I am available to accept it within 48 hours of your submission.

  • Full payment will always be required before starting a new project. Ask about payment plans.

  • Sketch commissions are not eligible for refunds or discounts. All other requests can be refunded for up to 70% of the cost at the sketch stage (depending on the circumstances). No full refunds allowed after the coloring stage. If you cancel your order at any point, the most recent version of your commission is the only version you will have access to. I will not finish a cancelled piece or reimburse you for it, UNLESS you choose to let me finish that request within 72 hours of cancellation.

  • For personal reasons, I will not hold slots for people, or promise to contact anyone with updates on my availability once slots are closed. I appreciate the interest, but please just stay aware of the status updates I post, and only claim a slot when you see one open and are ready to pay.

  • I will let you know, upon request, what I will and won’t be willing to draw, just ask! Mature/sexual themes will only be considered for customers over 18 years of age (NOTE: I may ask for proof). Artistic nudity is more than welcome. I may increase the pricing for sexual content, and will most likely deny fetish requests.

  • Please correct me if something doesn't look the way you want it to. If something isn't turning out how you expected and you would like to correct me on a mistake or make a specific change, you are absolutely encouraged to do so. You may ask for such corrections in the early/planning stages of the process. However, don't ask for major changes very late in the cleanup process, or I may deny the request. Thank you for understanding!

  • Please be mindful that my commissions can take a long time to finish. Depending on your request and my scheduling, some pieces may take a few days to complete, while others will take a few months. I will be sure to send you weekly updates and progress reports on your commission, unless otherwise stated.

  • Not seeing what you're looking for in my commission examples? Just ask! I'm willing to discuss "specialty" commissions with you, including animation, 3D modeling, experimental illustrations, and so on!

  • I maintain the right to use the work I've made for you to promote myself and my brand. I may post such works to my social media, use them as examples in my portfolio, and generally credit myself for such projects. I strongly discourage you to crop out or erase any watermarks or credits I include in the piece, let alone take credit for what I've created. I will also ask that you refrain from selling any designs or customs for more than you paid, unless you have made or commissioned additional work since receiving them.